Boy Scout Troop 140 Buffalo Grove

Troop 140 High Adventure

It is our troop policy that prior to any scout attending a summer High Adventure trip, the scout is required to have attended and spent at least 1 week at Camp Napowan in Wild Rose, WI. If you are interested in a wide variety of activities that cross the US and internationally, then Troop 140 has the programs for you. Every summer we have not just one but many diverse programs for our scouts to choose from. Very few other troops offer as many different summer adventure programs as we do. We can do so because of the high level of interest and participation from the adult leaders in the troop.
Another difference is that we offer many fund raising opportunities throughout the year that fund the scouts personal camp fund directly, not the troops. This provides the opportunity for the scouts that participate in these fund raising programs to pay for all their outings and camps from their personal camp funds rather than from out of pocket expenses.
For the long range High Adventure program tentatively planned for the next few years, see the list below.



Activity Type


2017 JulyNapowan Adventure Base (1)Summer CampTBD
2017 JulyTBD (2)Summer CampTBD
2017Glacier Nat’l Park (3)Camping, BackpackingDean Maraldo / Anne Kritzmire
2017 (Lottery; every other year)BSA – Philmont SR (3)Camping, BackpackingTBD
2018 JulyNapowan Adventure Base (1)Summer CampTBD
2018 JulyTBD (2)Summer CampTBD
2018Yellowstone Nat’l Park (3)Camping, BackpackingTBD
2018 (Lottery; every other year)BSA – Philmont SR (3)Camping, BackpackingTBD
2019 JulyNapowan Adventure Base (1)Summer CampTBD
2019 JulyTBD (2)Summer CampTBD
2019BSA – International Jamboree at Summit (3)CampingTBD


 (1) Merit Badge Camp - scouts all ages
 (2) Any scout who has attended Napowan
 (3) Scouts at least 14 years old
 (4) Scouts at least 13 years old
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